Get Started - 3 Step Quick Guide

The weight loss tracker is a combination of tools designed to help men/women reach their weight loss goals with clear and useful information. Losing weight should not be a part time job so the weight loss tracker does all the math and formula leaving you to concentrate on living life and losing weight.

1. Create Your Weight Loss Plan

  • Create your weight loss plan
    From here, you determine how much weight you want to lose and over what period of time. You can even choose a goal suggested by the tracker according to your own personal BMI

  • Weight Loss Plan
    Based on your weight loss goal it will determine from week to week your target weight and daily calorie limit.

    Step 1

2. Limit Your Daily Calories

  • Calories Today
    You will find this on your profile along with your weight loss statistics. According to entries made in the food diary it will keep a running total of your:
    • Calories Eaten
    • Calories Under/Over for the day
    Step 2a

  • Food Diary
    The food diary is crucial for tracking food and calorie intake. This ensures that you limit yourself each day to the number of calories required to hit your target weight. It is the best way to gain valuable calorie awareness and learn about the foods we eat.

    Step 2b

  • Exercise Diary
    Coming Soon...

3. Enter Your Weekly Weight

Each week all you need to do is submit your weight and the Weight Loss tracker will do the rest.

Step 3