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56, Female, Single, United Kingdom, England
Hang in there! Don't give up! You are not alone

Notes for me: 'It will take 34 weeks (8 mths - 15 Mar '16) to lose 4 st 5.5lbs (~0 st 2lbs / week)' - calculated on a 1,200 cal a day. Keep taking ALL vitamin tabs.
Do 'Shaun Ts - Hip Hop ABS Cardio' video. Start with 10min (unfit). Build up to the whole cardio. Doing first thing in the morn before breakfast.

Note: The above info was last year 2015. Started Dukan Diet weighing 19st 1lb. Lost 4 stones (went down to 15st 1lb). Now 17st 9lbs - gained weight (too much cakes, biscuit, choc etc.)

Note update: I will weigh on Sun morn.

This website is for me to be honest with ALL what I eat and for me to be more aware of my body.

Realized I'm unhealthy. Can't even climb a flight of stairs without breathing heavy. PLUS, not prepared to buy larger size clothes, need to fit into my oldies.

Exercise and drinking water. Must say, drinking water is not so bad now, as chilling in freezer for awhile helps. Need motivation for exercise. Enjoy badminton when I can.

No fizzy drinks, alcohol, cakes, biscuits. More veg and fruits.

Doctor Nowzaradan from the program 'My 600lb Life'. Recorded some of the programs. I would love to know what the patients ate to reduce their weight before their op.
Watching Youtube channels on others losing weight - a real motivation.

Speaking to a friend of mine who is on the diet with me. My teenage son wants to lose weight also, so he is on low carbs and portion sizes.