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65, Female, Divorced, United States, Missouri
Suck it up buttercup! (Thanks Billy)

I am a custodian at an elementary school and really like my job. I have about 300 little faces that call me Miss Debbie and I love it! I am about 25 pounds overweight and I hate it! This is my fourth attempt at Healthy Weight Calc. and I pray I stick with it. My first attempt was successful but I did not maintain. Hoping this time is the charm!!

I would love for clothes to fit me! No belly roll, no muffin top and no back flab!!

Staying power! I have lost weight in the past but have not been able to maintain for more than 6 months. Need to stay a healthy eater, not a dieter!

My marathon running son.

exercise and smaller portions.

crochet, craft projects, grandchildren