• Forget Password - Account recovery details can now be retrieved by username or email address
  • Article - Success Story - How I Lost 8 Dress Sizes in 8 Months...
  • Weigh In - Posting your weigh in to the group discussion will now show your last 5 weigh ins only
  • Weight Loss Plan - Extending plans with a weight type of stones will now function correctly
  • Food / Exercise Diary - Validation issues
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Weigh In - Option to post your current weigh in to the group discussion
  • Weight Loss Progres - View Before / After images
    • Settings -> Profile Settings (Change Before Image / Change Latest Image)
  • Weight Loss Progress - Year highlighted based on the current week
  • Weight Loss Progress - Panning and scrolling improvements for chart
  • Weight Loss Plan - Custom Plan works correctly again
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Food Diary - Some foods now have nutritional information (F - Fat, C - Carbs, P - Protein)
  • Wall - Single Sign In added so you no longer need to register to comment on walls
    If you want to use any other account you can logout of the wall or go to Settings->Change Comments Settings
    • Tick "Use HWC account for comments?" to use Healthy Weight Calc account
    • Untick "Use HWC account for comments?" to use any other account
  • Group Discussion - Replaces the old "chat and ask questions"
  • Food Diary - More foods available for PointsMaster plan
  • Wall - User walls are only visible to Healthy Weight Calc members (must login to see them)
  • Food Diary - When a food is in edit mode and then removed, the editing screen now clears correctly
  • Tracker - Calendar View was sometimes showing incorrect results


  • Tracker - Calendar View feature (link located in summary panel). The calender view will provide a quick overview of the food & exercise calories eaten & burnt for the month


  • Weight Loss Plan - Choose from 3 weight loss plans
    • Classic plan
    • Custom Calories plan
    • PointMaster plan
  • Weight Loss Plan - Classic plan can now be edited / extended only if your plan has not ended
  • Food / Exercise Diary - Pointmaster foods / exercises can be added to the diary
  • FAQs - BMI information updated to distinguish between Adults and Children
  • Weight Loss Plan - Gain / Loss columns now shows "0 (0%)" when weigh loss has been maintained for that week
  • Summary Panel - Shows the current weight loss plan a member is on and if it has ended
  • Summary Panel - Calories Today reverts to maintenance calories when a plan has ended
  • Summary Panel - Clicking on a members profile image now takes you to their profile page
  • Summary Panel - "View Profile" link added to view a members profile page
  • Exercise Diary - "Create New Exercise" now calculates the correct calories
  • Food Diary - Exercises were disappearing when adding a food


  • Tools - New "Tools" page contaning 7 calculators
    • BMI Calculator
    • Calories Required to Lose Weight Calculator
    • Give Up Junk Food Calculator
    • ‘How Much Weight Loss’ Calculator
    • NEW BMI Calculator
    • Waist to Height Ratio Calculator
    • Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
  • Site - Various menu and site links have been rearranged.
    • Help (containing How to Use, Quick Start Guide, FAQs)
    • Tools (containing Calculators)
    • Other menu items such as About have been moved to the bottom of the page in the footer
  • Profle - Region dropdown issue where members were unable to select their regions for safari browsers has been resolved


  • Wall - Image upload is now available, click the image upload icon inside the message box to upload your image
  • Weight Loss Plan - Maintenance column added to table showing maintenance calories for the given progressive weight
  • Summary Panel - Weight Loss % is now shown in the Weight Loss Progress column
  • Weigh In - Notification message now displays when successfully adding a weigh in
  • Settings - Change Privacy notification now displays correctly
  • Tracker - Layout fixes, comments are readable again, page no longer jumps when expanding comments


  • Profile - Each user now has their own profile page
  • Profile - "Edit Profile" setting available under Settings Page or next to your name on the Tracker Page, which allows for additional information to be entered
  • Weight Loss Progress - New dot color (dark blue) introduced for when target weight is not met but weight has been maintained compared to the previous week
  • Weigh In - A warning is now displayed when entering a weight which would end your weight loss plan
  • Weigh In - A real time count down showing hours, minutes & seconds will be displayed one day prior to each weekly weigh in
  • Site - Profile image upload improved and allows resizing an image to 200x200
  • Weight Loss Plan - Converting height from inches resolved
  • Weight Loss Plan - Resetting plan issue resolved
  • Exercise Diary - Quick Add Exercise follows the same pattern as Food Diary
  • Exercise Diary - Calories for exercise wasn't showing correctly
  • Food Diary - Improved performance when selecting a food
  • Food / Exercise Diary - Delete own Food / Exercise item feature restored
  • Food / Exercise Diary - Heading shows My Food Diary / My Exercise Diary respectively for your own diaries
  • Settings - Unsubscribe option wasn't saving correctly
  • Settings - Change Password style consistent with other settings pages
  • Site - Social buttons spacing issues fixed
  • Site - Improved menu highlighting for various sections
  • Site - Improved Top Plans
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Weigh In - Ability to track the following measurements: Body Fat %, Hips, Waist, Thighs, Arms, Chest, ForeArms. By default weight will be tracked, to enable other measurements to be track, go to the settings page
  • Weigh In - Ability to add a note to your weekly weigh in
  • Settings - Unsubscribe option found under Settings->Change Privacy Settings
  • Settings Page - Weigh In Settings to allow the choosing of which measurements you would like to track weekly
  • Weight Loss Progress - The chart tooltips for each weigh will now show additional information about your measurements and notes
  • Food Diary / Exercise Diary - Incorrect styling for certain inputs
  • Food Diary / Exercise Diary - Display improvements, bug fixes for various issues due to recent updates
  • Wall - Minor improvements
  • Site - Social buttons display issues fixed
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Site - eBook (updated) "Bulletproof Weight Loss" available for free download on the home and tracker page
  • Exercise Diary - Ability to remove a created exercise
  • Weight Loss Plan - Problem creating a new plan by selecting male, setting is now preserved
  • Exercise Diary - Diary can now be used without a weight loss plan
  • Food Diary - Searching own foods now works correctly
  • Food Diary - Certain menu tabs would not display correctly on this page
  • Food Diary / Exercise Diary - Improved search to handle certain search terms which weren't returning correct results
  • Site - Improved Top Plans
  • Site - Usernames are now displayed with proper casing
  • Site - Profile image upload now warns when the image is too large
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Exercise Diary - Weekly exercise diary
  • Settings Page - Food Diary and Exercise use the same privacy setting
  • Food Diary / Exercise Diary - Timezone display under the date
  • Site - Facebook sharing website image now shown correctly
  • Site - Browser support message was hiding behind video
  • Site - Browser support images weren't showing correctly
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Food Diary - Certain foods weren't being found
  • Food Diary - Improved search to handle certain search terms which weren't returning correct results
  • Food Diary - Timeout issues
  • Weigh In - Editing weigh in would sometimes cause a problem
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Food Diary - Improved searching, with support for google syntax style searching (more information to come)
  • Food Diary - Indication showing when search occurs "Searching for food..."


  • Food Diary - "My Foods" is now more clearly layed out with the following sorting order: Recently Added Foods, Recently Created Foods, A-Z
  • Food Diary - Daily foods now show the quantity more clearly i.e. 2 x 1 cup
  • Food Diary - Creating a new food had incorrect rounding issues
  • Weight Loss Progress - Progress bar not working in stones mode
  • Food Diary - Visibility issues in certain modes
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Weight Loss Plan - New weight type of stones
  • Weight Loss Plan - Height and Weight have increments of 0.5, i.e 6ft 11.5in
  • Site - Plans of the Week were not taking into account some members
  • Site - Plans of the week new formula
  • Weight Loss Plan - Weight (Gain / Loss) was showing incorrect percentage
  • Site - Optimizations


  • Site - Plans of the Week are now updated automatically
  • Tracker - Follow us on twitter by clicking the Follow @hwctracker button on the homepage or tracker page
  • Weight Loss Plan - Some plans could not be viewed once the plan had finished
  • Weigh In - The weigh in weight type is automatically selected to avoid accidently changing the weight type
  • Site - Layout fixes


  • Site - eBook "Bulletproof Weight Loss" available for free download on the home page
  • Site - Minor cosmetic changes


  • Food Diary:
    • Now contains 62,000 entries
    • "My Foods" is a list of foods containing foods members have created and all foods they have ever added to their food diary. It is smart sorted by most used, then last used. My Foods is displayed by default in the food diary.
    • "Create New Food" allows members to add custom foods to their “My Foods” for quick adding to food diaries and the option to grow the main food database
    • There is now the option to search for foods in the main food database or filtering a search to “My Foods” (i.e. all foods a user has ever added to their diary and foods custom created).


  • Help - "How to Use" is now updated to reflect more recent changes and includes the introduction of a quick start guide for a good overview of how to use HWC
  • Summary Panel - 'Calories Eaten Today' now links to the respective food diary of all members
  • Food Diary - When a member sets their food diary to private, a message will be displayed to other members to indicate this
  • Weight Loss Plan - The length of plans has now been extended, allowing members to choose plans for up to 2 years. Plans of more than 2 years can now be viewed by scrolling the Weight Loss Progress Graph or selecting either year 1 or year 2
  • Weight Loss Plan - Will only display suggested BMIs which contain healthy BMIs and those which fall into the extended time frame of up to 2 years
  • Weight Loss Progress - IE8 dates weren't showing correctly
  • Weigh In - When a plan has finished the calories needed to maintain the weight is now correct
  • Summary Panel - Alignment issues
  • Home Page - Content was lacking some bullet points
  • Food diary searches now do not discriminate between pluraral and singular search terms
  • Food Diary - "Add to Diary" link for food items is now bold
  • Site - User Online is now correct


  • Summary Panel - Members profile statistics have the additon of Calories Eaten Today and Calories Over/Under the daily calorie limit according to entries made in the food diary
  • Summary Panel - Members profile statistics have been grouped into clear categories with headings "Weight Stats", "Weigh Loss Progress", "BMI" and "Calories Today"
  • Site - Social buttons
  • Food Diary - When pressing "Quick Add" in the food diary, if there was text entered in the "search" text box, this will be automatically entered into the quick add "name" text box
  • Food Diary - Food entries that were added to the food diary using "quick add" will be indicated by a bold "quick add" label
  • Summary Panel - Follow / Unfollow button has been moved below member's profile pictures
  • Site - Social network buttons have been added to the top of profile statistics
  • Site - "User online" statistic has been moved to the upper right hand corner
  • Food Diary - Timezone settings were set incorrectly.


  • Site - Usernames with non-supported characters will now be rejected. Current members with usernames containing unsupported characters will be prompted to change their username before logging in
  • Site – Session expiry message is shown when the session has expired
  • Food Diary - Food diary items were not saving for some members. This has now been fixed
  • Food Diary - Minor styling issues
  • Weight Loss Plan - "Start a New Plan" refreshes user to their correct weight loss plan


  • Settings Page - User can select their "Timezone" under Profile Settings
  • Food Diary - Days are now customized to members "Timezone setting"
  • Weigh Ins - Weigh in time is now in members local time
  • Weight Loss Plan - "Start a New Plan" is now functioning


  • Site - Improvements to the navigation of site and other user pages. Tracker and Food diary tabs are now relevant to the user currently being viewed. User can return to their own tracker and food diary by selecting the "My Profile" tab.
  • Summary Panel – Profile images can now be changed by clicking on the profile image
  • Site Layout – Changes to tab names and navigation, helps to distinguish between the viewing of one’s own profile and that of another members
  • Site Layout - Site heading is now clickable and takes you to the site home page
  • Food Diary - There is no longer a confirmation popup for the deletion of food diary entries
  • Site Layout - Detect and alert members who are using an unsupported browser
  • Site Layout - Added initial logo with favicon
  • Tracker – User will remain on a member’s page after pressing Follow / Unfollow button instead of being redirecting to their own profile
  • Weight Loss Plan - "Start a New Plan" now refreshes the page correctly
  • Food Diary - Newly added food is more clearly indicated
  • Food Diary - Cosmetic fixes, quick add “optional” label more clear


  • Food Diary - Initial test version
  • Settings Page - Privacy setting for food diary
  • Site Layout - Smaller home tab when logged in


  • Summary Panel - Reorganised layout with additional data such as calories for current week and BMI
  • Settings - Profile image upload
  • Weight loss progress charts - Now shows dates for weeks (UTC/GMT)
  • Settings Page - Reorganised settings layout
  • FAQs - Updated BMI values


  • Tracker - Followers seection to see who is following you
  • Wall - "Subscribe by email" and “RSS” links below Members Profile Comments allow members to receive wall updates for individual members
  • Site - Forgotten password should now work correctly for all members


  • Summary Panel - A "Follow button" is displayed next to member's names on every profile page.
  • Settings - "Change Password" option is in the Settings
  • Login Page - "Forgot your Password?" link on login page allows members to have their password reset via email


  • Tracker - Comments can now be posted on member profile pages


  • Weight Loss Plan - Weight Gain / Loss column added
  • Weight Loss Plan - Basic Weight loss plan information is now shown when previewing a new weight loss plans
  • Weigh Ins - Weigh in for week 1 and all weeks to follow will be due by Sunday Midnight GMT (regardless of the day members start plans).
  • Summary Panel - Default profile pictures based on gender
  • Summary Panel - Panel colour based on gender
  • Help - Updated content for How to Use section
  • Site - Weight loss plans will now end correctly


  • Weight Loss Plan - Updated 'Activity Levels' descriptions (Low, Moderate, High)
  • Weigh Ins - Missing weigh ins are now working correctly


  • Site - New content sections: About Us, FAQs, Articles, How to Use
  • Settings - Profiles can now be made public or profile via the new settings tab
  • Tracker - Shoutbox now links usernames to their profile pages
  • Weight Loss Plan - Changed activity levels to include only (Low, Moderate, Heavy)
  • Site - Public profiles are now visibile without logging in
  • Weight Loss Plan - Resetting a plan now working correctly
  • Home Page - Video links now load videos on the same page
  • Tracker - When the target goal reached plan will now end properly

Future Updates

Weekly Goals
  • Ability to enter other weekly stats/measurements
    • fat %
    • skin folds
    • arm/back/waist measurements
    • ability to input small journal
Profile Pages
  • ability to leave comments on pages
  • ability to edit profile photo
  • ability to make your page public /or private
  • more weekly stats
Weight Loss Challenges
  • ability to create weight loss challenges that members can join > private or public
  • ability to join public challenge(s)
Website Features
  • Ability to search for weight loss buddies
    • by similar weight
    • similar goals
  • Before after photo montage
    • ability to submit photos week by week to create a before/after montage
Weight Loss Plans
  • ability to change plans ie change from current calorie plan to another plan
  • points plan
  • Shifting calorie plan